Summerhouses, Garages & Garden Sheds

A handbuilt wooden Summerhouse, Garage or Shed is much more hardwearing and longlasting that a machine manufactured one.   Each designed at Touchwood is also totally unique to the customer and what the intended usage is for.  For example, it can include built in shelving, storage or seating area, or like the green Victorian one shown below designed by one customer, be 2/3 Summerhouse and 1/3 shed on the other side with separate doors!  Or as one customer asked for, include extending the roof to include a log storage..

Touchwood Carpentry Ceredigion handbuilt shed
Touchwood Carpentry Ceredigion handbuilt wooden summerhouse
Touchwood Carpentry Ceredigion wooden summerhouse
2015-06-04 10.34.23
Touchwood Carpentry Ceredigion bespoke wooden summerhouse