Handcrafted Wooden Benches

Touchwood Carpentry beautiful handcrafted cedar bench 2

Our exclusive handcrafted wooden benches are available in 1,2, or 3 seaters.  They are designed especially for you and so each is totally unique and will last for years.  You might choose to have a back to your bench, an engraving or ceramic tile.  We work together with you considering where you wish your bench to be sited and ensuring it is of just the right size and fit.

We also make memorial benches –  handmade with care and quality, personalised especially to remember your friends and loved ones by.

Touchwood often use British Cedar wood which gives strength and longevity and will fade from a golden red colour to silvery grey over time. All our benches can be used indoors or left outdoors all year round and are oiled with a natural uv protection oil.

Have just completed two solid Oak benches for a soon happening exhibition at the Horniman Museum, East Dulwich, London.  Alex Jones from Winchester did some amazing animal carvings on the benches for the project and it was great to collaborate with someone so talented.  Really enjoyed working at the Museum and gardens too (see pictures at bottom of photos below!) and am looking forward to the opening of the exhibition!

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